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Pre & Postnatal YTT


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Deepen your knowledge and step into the wisdom of the body to enable pre and postnatal people to do the same.


The Stretch Pre and Postnatal YTT is designed to allow pregnant and postpartum people to step into the power and wisdom that their bodies hold, and ensure yoga teachers feel confident and sound in their knowledge whether that be teaching a pre- or postnatal specific class, or having one pre- or postnatal student in a dynamic class.

All too often pregnant and postpartum people are told what they cannot do with their bodies. The focus during pregnancy shifts to the wellbeing of their baby, in postpartum it remains there!

The Stretch Pre and Postnatal YTT celebrates all that pregnant and postpartum bodies can do by giving teachers knowledge that is researched, studied and visible when working with people. Taking away any fear of teaching these specialist groups we encourage you to wonder at the genius of our physiology and trust the bodies wisdom.


Suryalila, Andalusia

Suryalila is the realisation of a dream and the start of a great adventure: a beautiful retreat nestled between the hills of Andalusia, southern Spain. We love the picturesque views and peaceful energy you feel as soon as you arrive.

The retreat is run with love and it shows. Caring staff, excellent food, and brilliant accommodation, it’s little wonder we keep going back. Plus, the yoga facilities are impeccable – the Om Dome is truly breathtaking.



Senior Yoga Teacher & Pre / Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Calli has been practising yoga for over 20 years, has over 500 hours of training and teaches workshops and retreats internationally.
Calli's energy and enthusiasm for teaching yoga and empowering yoga teachers is contagious; she’s passionate, playful and nurturing in her teaching style.
Having enjoyed 2 active pregnancies (a lot of which were standing on her hands) and birthing two babies via c section, Calli is passionate about upgrading the narrative around pre and postnatal people, reminding them and those that teach them, that they are powerful beyond words.

Sophie W

400 hr YTT, Pre / Postnatal, Birth Doula, Birth & Sex Ed Teacher

Having gone through the transformation of pregnancy with her first son, Sophie realised that she was given little information about what was happening on a physiological or psychological level, she didn't feel informed and struggled to find classes that felt good in her ever changing body. Specific 'pregnancy' classes felt too soft and dynamic classes didn't allow room for baby! It was this experience that spurred Sophie on to train in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Education and as a Doula. With over 7 years of teaching experience and having attended dozens of births, she has combined this knowledge and information to deliver on the Stretch Pre & Postnatal YTT.


Course fee£975

Prices exclude accommodation at Suryalila, flights to Spain and transfers.

Upcoming dates

The Stretch Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher programme takes place over one weeks retreat at Suryalila Retreat Centre, Southern Spain. We will ask you to complete one homework upon returning home.

Southern Spain

Southern Spain

What you’ll learn

Here’s a brief overview of each module covered within the programme.


We will look extensively at the anatomy of conception, both physiologically and supported methods.

Embryonic Phase

You will learn about the development of the embryonic phases and the impact on both foetus and parent.

The Trimesters of pregnancy

We will explore the anatomy of each trimester of pregnancy, looking at the shifts that occur and how this differs from a pre-pregnancy state, and a post-pregnancy state.

Chain of reaction

You will understand the muscle groups that both strengthen and are compromised during pregnancy, so that you can better accommodate people at whatever stage of pregnancy of postpartum they are in.

The Pelvis

We will study the Pelvis and explore methods of encouraging pelvic stability, while also looking at common pelvic complaints.

Core Concept

We learn about the core muscle groups and how these work in unison with our respiratory system, our pelvic floor and other muscle groups.

The Pelvic Floor Muscles

You will learn the function of the pelvic floor muscles specific to pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. We will explore how different deliveries can affect the pelvic floor function, how to speak about this with students and how we can aid recovery when needed.

Delivery Rehabilitation

Every pregnancy and every delivery is different, this means every postpartum body is different too. We will give you tools to enquire about delivery and give you the information to empower your students to rehabilitate their bodies.


We will look at the role of hormones during conception, pregnancy and postpartum, and look at the effect they have on the body.


Language is a crucial part of teaching, and we will specifically look at gender sensitive language, trauma sensitive language and why this is so important.

Breath work

We will explore the power of breath and some useful breathing practices to pas on to students for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. You will also learn how breath work is a tool for healing post-birth.

Active Birth

We will teach you active birthing positions and explore how we can weave these into flows. You will have the opportunity to teach two classes during the weeks training, and you will be expected to submit two recorded classes upon returning home.

Antenatal Education

You will gain the knowledge and skills to deliver thorough antenatal education whether you want to weave this into your yoga classes, or teach birth preparation classes.


Please fill out the application form below, and we’ll get back to you with more detail as soon as we can.

Small print


We require students to have a minimum of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training.


Accommodation and three organic and locally sourced vegetarian meals each day will range from €75-180 per night, depending on the room you choose.


Flights start at around £100. You can fly to Seville, Malaga or Jerez to get to Suryalila. We can recommend flights to group transfers on arrival in Spain. Transfers starting from €95 per car.


50% of the course fee is due upon booking, the remaining amount is due six weeks before the training starts. Please contact us to discuss any payment plans. We recommend contacting Suryalila as soon as you have deposited with Stretch to ensure you get the accommodation option that is within your budget.


All monies paid for the Stretch Teacher Training programme are non-refundable, but we will do our best to make sure you complete the course. If for any reason you are unable to complete the training you have signed up to, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your training at a later date, ensuring you are fully prepared to teach once qualified. If the course is cancelled for any reason out of Stretch London LTD's control, you will be offered to complete the training at a later date. Please note no refunds are offered.

Code of conduct

We require all students to be present in both body and mind at every session throughout the training. It is your responsibility to communicate to us via email if you will need to miss any sessions and to book in additional hours to catch up. If for any reason you are unable to complete the training you have booked onto, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your training at a later date, ensuring you are fully prepared to teach once qualified.

COMplaints procedure

We are confident you will thoroughly enjoy this course. However, if you have any complaints, these can be received either via email to sophie@stretch-london.com or we can arrange a mutually convenient time to talk about any issues that may arise. Our main goal is to ensure you have a positive experience and enjoy learning with Stretch. While we are hopeful each individual values the course as much as we do, we’re always happy to receive feedback to make sure we continue to grow our offering and maintain high quality training.


Calli and Sophie co-teach the pre and postnatal YTT.


Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standards. They're encouraged to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals and to continue on with their career path.