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250-hour foundation course

London and Andalusia

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Join us for a life-changing experience. Deepen your practice, gain confidence and learn how to lead the way to positive movement.


If you’re thinking of taking your yoga practice to new heights by becoming a teacher, our training gives you the foundations you need to get off to a great start. The 250-hour Yoga Alliance-approved Yoga Teacher Training programme is one of the few schools to be accredited with Trainer Plus status.

This exceptionally high quality course is designed to cover theoretical and philosophical aspects of yoga teaching, as well as the practical elements. You’ll dig deep to discover your teaching style, how to comfortably and safely lead a group, plus so much more.

We run both an intensive, three week training immersion, and a semi-intensive training. The immersive experience is held at the stunning Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalusia, Spain. For the semi-intensive training, there is additional learning over six weekends, in London.


Stretch, London

The majority of training takes place at our Broadway Market studio over six weekends. This bright and calming space is just the right environment to absorb your yoga training.

Since its inception, there have been hundreds of successful and happy graduates coming through Stretch, ready to begin their teaching journeys. Carl (Senior Yoga Teacher) and Calli (Chartered Teacher Level 2) work harmoniously together offering up their varied knowledge and experiences both in the seat of the teacher and as practitioners.

Suryalila, Andalusia

Suryalila is the realisation of a dream and the start of a great adventure: a beautiful retreat nestled between the hills of Andalusia, southern Spain. We love the picturesque views and peaceful energy you feel as soon as you arrive.

The retreat is run with love and it shows. Caring staff, excellent food, and brilliant accommodation, it’s little wonder we keep going back. Plus, the yoga facilities are impeccable – the Om Dome is truly breathtaking.



Senior Yoga Teacher and Founding Director of Stretch

Carl has studied a variety of yoga practices and is particularly interested in the kind of yoga exploration first pioneered by Vanda Scaravelli. He is excited about how these paradigm-bothering practices intersect and complement both the modern movement world and ancient yogic philosophy. Carl loves to draw influence from practices outside of the yoga space, too: breath-work, inquiry and group process work inform the foundation and advanced teacher trainings.

Now a seasoned teacher of 12 years’ experience, cut at the heart of the London yoga scene and having brought over 100 new yoga teachers through, Carl is delighted to deliver a fully developed training programme that he heads up with Calli.


Senior Yoga Teacher & Pre / Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Calli has been practising yoga for over 20 years, has over 500 hours of training and teaches workshops and retreats internationally.
Calli's energy and enthusiasm for teaching yoga and empowering yoga teachers is contagious; she’s passionate, playful and nurturing in her teaching style.
Having enjoyed 2 active pregnancies (a lot of which were standing on her hands) and birthing two babies via c section, Calli is passionate about upgrading the narrative around pre and postnatal people, reminding them and those that teach them, that they are powerful beyond words.


Regular course fee£2,599
Early bird offer at least four months ahead£2,350

Prices exclude accommodation at Suryalila, flights to Spain and transfers.

Upcoming dates

The Stretch 250-hour Yoga Teacher Trainer Plus programme is run both in an intensive, and as a semi-intensive training. The intensive training is run over three consecutive weeks, at Suryalila Retreat Centre in Southern Spain. The semi intensive begins with one week of study at Suryalila Retreat Centre with the remaining hours completed over three months in London (Fridays 6:30–8:30pm, Saturdays 7am–8:30pm, and Sundays (7am–5pm).

Suryalila, Andalusia

Suryalila, Andalusia

Stretch, London

Stretch, London

Stretch, London

Stretch, London

Stretch, London

Stretch, London

What you’ll learn

Here’s a brief overview of each module covered within the programme.

History, philosophy and ethics of yoga

We study both the history of yoga in India in its many incarnations, as well as read and write about yogic philosophy, and contemplate how it can be applied to our everyday lives. We will have fascinating discussions on the Eight Limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras.


During your stay at Suryalila, we do half an hour of meditation first thing in the morning. Carl and Calli provide guidance, and there are a number of discussions on the practice as we progress through the course. You’ll practise meditation throughout the course on your return to London.

Intensive study and practice of asana

There is a two hour Vinyasa flow practice every morning during your stay at Suryalila. This will continue throughout the course back in London. There are also opportunities during the course to work on and receive help with specific poses of your choice, to progress and further your own practice.

Sanskrit names of yoga postures

Learn all the Sanskrit names for the poses studied, as well as the Sanskrit names for philosophical concepts. Because you learn a few words every day and we review the Sanskrit on a regular basis, by the end of the course you’ll be surprised how much Sanskrit you are able to retain.

Alignment and modification of poses

We go through all the poses in our teacher training manual and discuss the alignment and form of each pose, and how to teach it. We show you how to modify for students with injuries or lack of flexibility or strength.

Applied anatomy and biomechanics

Our course has a very comprehensive anatomy section, which is fun and engaging. We teach you in-depth and up-to-date anatomy and physiology in an embodied way; this includes the biomechanics of the body, the importance of fascia, subtle anatomy, and how to adjust for and prevent injuries. During this section, you will assess and learn how to understand limitations in your own body, as well as learn how to look at someone else and read their body. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about anatomy in this part of the course – and how much you’ll enjoy it!


Practise different pranayamas or breathing techniques, and learn how to teach them safely and effectively.

General, creative and thematic sequencing

Learn how to creatively sequence and teach a Vinyasa flow-style class, taking inspiration from a number of different styles such as Scaravelli, Embodied Yoga Principles, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Slow Flow. By the end of the training, you’ll have sequenced, planned and taught two full classes and have the confidence and tools to go forwards on your own.

Hands-on assisting

Make hands-on adjustments and assists for every pose we study. You will practise these throughout the course with a partner.

Teaching yoga

From the very beginning of the course, you will start to practise teaching poses one-by-one as you learn them. We slowly and intelligently build up to teaching sun salutations and keep adding a little more material until you have built a full class and feel comfortable teaching it. Throughout this process you are given a lot of support, feedback and encouragement to give you the tools to become a great teacher.

Finding your voice and the business of yoga

Throughout the course, you’ll be supported and encouraged to find your own voice as a teacher. This can take months, sometimes years to fully settle; however, we’ll guide you as best we can during and after the training is completed. We advise you on how to conduct yourself as a teacher, and how to become a working yoga teacher within the wellness industry.

Deepen and further your own yoga practice

As well as practising for two hours every day you train, there is plenty of personal assistance and help with your poses. We encourage you to deepen your practice, and to set and achieve goals within it.

Pre- and postnatal

Learn how to safely and successfully integrate pre- and postnatal women into your regular classes. We work through each trimester, which adjustments are required, and how to modify. Looking at the anatomy of the postnatal body, you’ll learn how to encourage your students to modify poses so that they are suitable for the body.

Reading list

Upon signing up for the course, you will receive a comprehensive reading list that has been collated by both Carl and Calli. This reading list isn’t definitive and will naturally expand. There is required reading and recommended reading. You’ll need to bring a copy of the Stretch teacher training manual with you to class, and information on where to get the manual will be given to you when you register.


After the training is completed, we welcome all Stretch graduates to teach in the studio’s community classes so that they continue learning, receive continuous support from your teachers and get experience teaching in a studio environment. We offer all students the chance to continue their development through workshops, assisting and teacher support groups.

Breakdown of training hours

  • Sequencing, asana, pranayama, meditation, and teaching skills 135 hours (20% being dedicated to practice teaching.)
  • Prenatal and postnatal 15 hours
  • Applied anatomy and biomechanics 50 hours
  • History and philosophy of yoga 50 hours


Please fill out the application form below, and we’ll get back to you with more detail as soon as we can.

Small print

Entry requirements

We require students to have a minimum of two years practice (5–6 days per week), be of sound and stable mind, and have an interest in all areas of yoga. Once you’ve applied, we will contact you to invite you in for a class with Carl or Calli, the course teachers.


Flights start at around £100. You can fly to Seville, Malaga or Jerez to get to Suryalila. We can recommend flights to group transfers on arrival in Spain. Transfers starting from €95 per car.


Accommodation and three organic and locally sourced vegetarian meals each day will range from €75-180 per night, depending on the room you choose.


50% of the course fee is due upon booking, the remaining amount, is due six weeks before the training starts. Please contact us to discuss any payment plans. We recommend contacting Suryalila as soon as you have deposited with Stretch to ensure you get the accommodation option that is within your budget.

Refunds and cancellations

All monies paid for the Stretch Teacher Training programme are non-refundable, but we will do our best to make sure you complete the course. If for any reason you are unable to complete the training you have signed up to, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your training at a later date, ensuring you are fully prepared to teach once qualified. If the course is cancelled for any reason out of Stretch London LTD's control, you will be offered to complete the training at a later date.

Code of conduct

We require all students to be present in both body and mind at every session throughout the training. We understand life can get in the way, and we can make allowances if pre-agreed or in case of extreme circumstances. We will ensure you are caught up on any material missed; this will be at £250 per weekend needed to be caught up. It is not possible to miss any of the first week in Spain. It is your responsibility to communicate to us via email if you will need to miss any sessions and to book in additional hours to catch up. If for any reason you are unable to complete the training you have booked onto, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your training at a later date, ensuring you are fully prepared to teach once qualified.

Complaints procedure

We are confident you will thoroughly enjoy this course. However, if you have any complaints, these can be received either via email to sophie@stretch-london.com or we can arrange a mutually convenient time to talk about any issues that may arise. Our main goal is to ensure you have a positive experience and enjoy learning with Stretch. While we are hopeful each individual values the course as much as we do, we’re always happy to receive feedback to make sure we continue to grow our offering and maintain high quality training.


Carl is the lead teacher on the Stretch Yoga Teacher Training, teaching a minimum of 70% of the course. Calli will be co-teaching with Carl.


A discounted Stretch membership is available for the duration of your Yoga Teacher Training. Please ask for more details if you’d like one!


Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standards. They're encouraged to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals and to continue on with their career path.