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Yoga Foundations

Great for both beginners and experienced alike. All the regular stuff we do in a Dynamic yoga class, explained and broken downread more

Yang to Yin yoga

Yang to Yin will take you through a dynamic vinyasa practice followed by a slow-paced style of yoga that focuses on opening the connective tissue such as ligament and boneread more

Restorative yoga

Come to Restorative yoga for a completely relaxing experience. We take time over the poses, with each one providing deeply healing effects to body, mind and soulread more

Flow yoga

Considered flowing movements that link, build and follow the natural rhythm of your breath, exploring ease, fluidity and the downright juiciness of your practiceread more

Strong flow yoga

Strong Vinyasa flow links breath to movement. Expect to work hard as you build up to absolute absorption and surrender to movementread more

Dynamic yoga

Expect to move! This could be a strong asana practice or more flowing depending on the teacher and the needs of the students presentread more

Strong yoga

If you’ve opted for a Strong yoga class, it’s a safe bet you will liberally perspire at some point!read more

Pregnancy yoga

For expectant mothers with no yoga experience as well as pregnant yogis looking to modify their practice and allow for the changes in the bodyread more

Community class by donation

A Vinyasa class taught by Stretch Yoga Teacher Training graduates. Some may be new to teaching, others may have graduated with us a couple of years agoread more


Get upside down! Inversions are more than just a great way to show off to your mates outside the pub, you knowread more

Gymnastic strength training

Using gymnastic rings, parallettes and the floor to build strength, mobility, coordination and physical awarenessread more

Total Body Conditioning

A pilates inspired, full body work out! Expect to sweat and feel a sizzle.read more


This mat Pilates class emphasises the development of deep core strength, followed by areas that a typical yoga practise may overlook, including the back, gluteal and hamstring musclesread more


High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT is a gutsy cardio class that will get you sweating, moving, and working hard. HIIT starts out with a mobility warmup and finishes with a cool down yoga flowread more

Beginner’s calisthenics

Calisthenics, or Kalos-Sthenos, translates to ‘beautiful strength’. It’s a form of strength and power training using only bodyweight and gravity to increase fitnessread more

Strength + Conditioning

Do you have a body? Excellent! During this class, you are going to use that amazing instrument to investigate all sorts of movement possibilities by changing the way you approach it.read more

Strong Yoga + Breath

Expect a strong vinyasa practice and breath work woven in to regulate the internal state.read more

Mandala Flow

Moving 360degrees around the mat, Mandala Flow is a strong and dynamic practice, exploring spiralling movements with our bodies to the rhythm of breathread more

Grounding Yoga + Meditation

In this class you will be moving through a flowing vinyasa before slowing right down for a guided grounding meditation.read more

Flow + Restore

Enjoy a juicy flow class, challenging you in all the right places before being guided into a restorative practice to end the class.read more