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We believe that everyone has a place at Stretch, whatever your motivation.

About us

Unable to find a yoga studio that didn’t feel like it was dictating the yoga law, we – husband-and-wife Carl and Sophie – decided to open our own in Netil House. We’ve moved on from that space since, although Stretch is still firmly rooted in the East End, now with two studios, a bunch of stellar teachers, and a welcoming community – from creatives and spiritualists to sporty types and fitness newbies.

Our approach

Our mission is to make it a habit to feel good with movement. Together through yoga and fitness, we breathe, build strength and connect – and leave egos at the door.

What we do

  • Yoga and functional fitness classes
  • Workshops
  • Yoga retreats
  • Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training programmes
  • One-to-ones
  • Personal training
  • Pre and Postnatal specialist
  • Sound baths
  • Women's circles and Men's circles
  • Children's activities
  • We co-run the annual Exhale festival

Our studios

We are based in east London, just off Broadway Market on Ada Street, next to our sister site - Tend.

Broadway Market

6A Ada Street
London E8 4QU
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Our Broadway Market studio opened in early 2013 and is our flagship studio with two bright and spacious practice rooms. Despite its proximity to the market, it’s both private and shielded making it easy to disconnect from the outside world. We have showers and changing rooms.

  • Nearest Overground: London Fields
  • Plenty of buses off Mare Street
  • On-street pay-and-display parking


6B Ada Street
London E8 4QU
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Put very simply, Tend is a shop. It is the sister of Stretch London - a soothing yin companion to the yang of our bustling yoga and movement studio in the heart of Hackney. For over 8 years we have thrived, bringing people together to move, breathe and connect. We hold place as a collective. Community is at our core.

  • Nearest Overground: London Fields
  • Plenty of buses off Mare Street
  • On-street pay-and-display parking

Our team

Our roster of teachers are diverse, but all share the mindset of spreading good vibes through movement.


After years of having “too much fun” in the heady world of electronic music, Carl found yoga as a soothing and healing antidote to the weekly barrage of pure carnage. After an obsessional early foray into the world of yoga, he enthusiastically bounded into his first teacher training unaware of how his future would open up. For Carl, the point of yoga is to find intimacy with yourself and the world around you, whilst simultaneously unsticking yourself from whatever you might be stuck in.

Credentials and specialist training:
Recognised Senior Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance Professionals, 12 years teaching, training yoga teachers for five years.

Come to a class for:
The yoga equivalent of a DJ set. Beginning slowly, grounding you in the space, with an invite for you to turn up the volume of your attention – then before you know it, the bass has dropped and you’re sharing a metaphorical dance floor with Vanda Scaravelli and Ido Portal!

Sophie W

Sophie is a former gym bunny who dabbled in weekly yoga classes led by Carl, her future business partner and husband. Needless to say, her love of yoga evolved as she learnt more about the practice, and saw it from a different perspective. Together, they opened Stretch in 2012 (and ditched the gym membership). To Sophie, yoga creates space: “...to feel, to allow thoughts and feelings to show up. To be creative. It’s enabled me to tune in to my body and understand how it works.”

Credentials and specialist training:
275-hour YTT Frog Lotus Yoga, 75-hour Yoga Medicine, 4–15 year-old children’s yoga, pregnancy yoga, trained (and working) birth doula and antenatal educator.

Come to a class for:
Flowing but not super–fast, somewhere in the middle. Light and open tone, offering enough space for people to notice if anything’s showing up in the non-physical.


Calli practised yoga from a young age and always knew she wanted to become a teacher, although it first took a job in the City and some burnout to cement that feeling. “What I love about yoga is that it’s a never ending journey. There is always something new to discover about your inner self, and about the body. It makes me come alive; shakes everything up and no matter what is happening in life, the yoga space is like a haven of serenity, joy and playfulness. Breath by breath you always arrive home to yourself.”

Credentials and specialist training:
Co-facilitator of the Stretch foundation and advanced teacher training, in excess of 500 hours of training, pregnancy yoga, acrobatic style handstands, Reiki 2 practitioner.

Come to a class for:
Slow, strong, delicious flows sprinkled with intention and peppered with play.


Roberto’s extensive experience is also varied in influence, which is why you’ll discover the full spectrum when it comes to his classes. But whether you’re upside down in a fast-paced dynamic flow, or completely still in a restorative class, you’re in good hands!

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT, 500-hour advanced training on Modern Postural Yoga, 150-hour Advanced training with Stretch.

Come to a class for:
A focus on body alignment, breath, mind, heart and energy with challenging and original sequences.


Micki first tried yoga in 2004 at her local gym, and didn’t like it. But she tried it again almost a year later and fell in love. Working a stressful job as a creative director and partner in an advertising agency, she needed the release and that’s what she got. Her inner world quietened when she practised. The anger started to soften to compassion for herself and others. She knew she had to teach this to others.

Credentials and specialist training:
250-hour Vinyasa Flow (2008), prenatal, and yin training, 150-hours with Yoganand Michael Carroll, Nutritional Therapy (2016).

Come to a class for:
A fusion of creative and dynamic flow with a spot-on spiritual dimension.


Jessica first began practising yoga to give her mind and body some much needed space to focus and explore. She found the experience to expand beyond the yoga mat and into her daily life through a deeper connection and understanding of the present moment. As a teacher’s assistant, Jessica could see the potential of yoga for children, teens and school teachers, and has been sharing her knowledge ever since.

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT, yoga for children, working in schools and nurseries in various capacities for the last 10 years, currently studying Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Children and Adolescence.

Come to a class for:
A fun and non-judgemental environment for children and young people to do yoga, exploring movement and breath. Plus, relaxation at the end.


Claire got into yoga following an injury and trained to become a teacher in 2017. She encourages yogis to move with a sense of grace, so they can tap into the softer and more subtle sensations experienced within the physical body via movement. She loves the freedom of yoga: “I don't think when I move. It's enabled me to feel more connected to who I am.”

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT, to complete Advanced 100-hour Mandala Vinyasa.

Come to a class for:
Flow-y, focused and explorative Vinyasa with opportunities for free movement.

Helen W

Helen has explored yoga, dance and movement over her lifetime. While initially being drawn to the athleticism of dynamic flow she was surprised to find herself equally as fascinated in the mystical and it was this that would spark the biggest discoveries for her. “I love that there is so much to learn – yoga philosophy is never-ending and awe-inspiring!”

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT, Graduate Teaching Programme in dance, movement performance artist, 1st class BA Hons in Dance Studies, Barre instructor.

Come to a class for:
Thoughtful creative free flowing movement. Connecting between breath and movement while cultivating strength and mobility.


Melissa’s enthusiasm for movement – from walking in nature to cycling around London – translates to her classes where she turns on the fun. She has loads of knowledge of anatomy, so expect alignment to be a core focus, along with correct breathing and plenty of stretching.

Credentials and specialist training:
Stott Advance mat Pilates teacher, sports massage therapist, holistic therapy diploma, nutritional practitioner, Yin yoga, former ballerina.

Come to a class for:
An energetic and powerful Pilates class with guaranteed laughs.


Libby’s fascination with anatomy and the philosophy of yoga makes her a stellar pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, balancing the body, mind and soul. She first started practising yoga as a form of exercise, and like many, found it had a profound effect on her emotionally and spiritually.

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour Integral Hatha, certified pregnancy, postnatal and children’s yoga, trainee Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner.

Come to a class for:
Sociable pregnancy and postnatal yoga that will strengthen your body, clear your mind, and make you feel at peace emotionally.


Charley believes when we tap into our inner essence and move from a place of love, the result of this practice is an enlivened being – it’s this deeply seeded positivity she aims to bring to her classes. “Feeling free within our body-mind, and the ability to navigate our way through this life with authenticity and curiosity is what excites me about yoga and movement today.”

Credentials and specialist training:
250-hour Vinyasa YTT, BA and Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance, plus performance experience.

Come to a class for:
Physically creative, fluid flows influenced by dance – dynamic with a touch of playfulness.


About page text.


Tamzin’s background in dance has meant movement has always been a part of her life. She began yoga to complement and support her dance training although soon found it, along with meditation, resonated with her. She most enjoys the feeling of freedom in the flow of movement, and sharing that sensation with others.

Credentials and specialist training:
250-hour YTT, hip hop dancer (Pineapple Performing Arts School), first-class honours in Contemporary Dance.

Come to a class for:
Creative, playful and soulful with a feel good playlists.

Daniel Z

Daniel is passionate about everything movement related. His style combines a base of systematic, gymnastic strength work with a broad movement practice stemming from many influences. This can include handstands, contemporary dance, capoeira, soft acrobatics, locomotion (moving around a space in all possible ways), physiotherapy, gymnastic rings work, partner work, stillness … you name it. Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to be able to dance or perform handstands to come to Daniel’s class.

Credentials and specialist training:
Physiotherapist with more than 12 years’ experience, Animal Flow level 1, StrongFirst Bodyweight instructor, active member of London Movement Group, Trainings with Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery, Tomislav English.

Come to a class for:
Gymnastic style training to build strength, resilience and skills. Innovative, playful movement flows to challenge your body, mind and limitations.


Getting lost in the extremes of life led Jordan to search for something that would give her the same gratification and discipline as her daily dance training did in her teenage years. Little did she know that finding her Yoga practice would not only tend to those needs, but help her release past energies that no longer served her.

Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT & Mindfulness Meditation

Come to a class for:
Strong energetic flows focused on finding balance between effort and relaxation, breath connection and playfulness.


Stuart's background in music and performance is a strong foundation in his classes, along with his ability to hold space for others. As a yoga teacher, his emphasis is on connecting and facilitating an understanding of what it takes to self-regulate. Central to his teaching is the belief that we are able to find ourselves through movement, breath and music; through this we connect back to self. From here, we are able to work through our self-imposed limitations and narratives, equip ourselves to move through adversity and find freedom from anxiety.

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  1. COVID-19

    Following the government's COVID-19 briefing, gyms and fitness facilities with COVID-secure protocols in place can reopen, and are exempt from the rule of six.

    You can expect:
    - A reduced class capacity to allow social distancing.
    - Our air flow system clears 450m3 of old air and pumps in 350m3 per hour, it will be running between classes and all through the night.
    - Thorough cleaning in between each class.

    We ask you to follow our protocols:
    - Make sure your contact details are current on your profile for track and trace.
    - Pre-book your classes, we are not accepting drop ins.
    - Have your temperature checked on arrival.
    - Sanitise your hands on arrival.
    - Thoroughly wipe down your equipment after use.
    - Do not come to class if you are feeling unwell.

  2. What do you mean by dynamic yoga?

    By dynamic we simply mean movement, energy and strength.

  3. What should I bring to class?

    You’ll most likely work up a sweat in class, so to allow yourself to move freely, we’d recommend loose and comfortable clothing, and a bottle of water. You can fill your bottle up with water while you’re here.

  4. I’m new to yoga. Where do I start?

    Our classes are mixed level, so you’re welcome to put your mat down at any time of the day. However, we do offer Absolute Beginner’s classes on Mondays at Columbia Road, and Thursdays at Ada Street, plus a Basics yoga class on Tuesdays at Columbia Road. These are a good place to get acquainted with us.

  5. Should I eat or drink before a class?

    We recommend not eating anything substantial in the two hours before class. For hydration, sipping water throughout the day, in particular around two hours before class is a good idea.

  6. Should I bring my own mat or grip towel?

    While we are keeping Covid-secure, please feel free to bring your own mats and any props you may want to use.

  7. I’m pregnant. What classes can I do?

    Firstly, congrats! Great news and the start of a very exciting journey. You and baby are our first priority when we have you in class!

    If you’ve regularly practised yoga pre-pregnancy, then by all means feel free to continue attending our dynamic yoga and movement classes. But if you’re fairly new to yoga or haven’t regularly practised, we suggest you head to our pregnancy specific classes. Any other questions? Just drop us a line hello@stretch-london.com.

  8. Are you a chain?

    No. We’re an independent family business, owned and run by Carl and Sophie, and supported by our lovely team of teachers and front-of-house gang.

  9. I think I lost my water bottle/keys/wedding ring. Do you have it?

    After a sweet yoga class, don’t be surprised if you forget something – it happens a lot. For lost property, we’ll hold onto your goods for 24hours and keep them nice and safe for you. Please arrange to pick them up within this timeframe, otherwise we take them out into the world and gift them to clothing bins, charities and other worthy causes.

  10. What if I have an injury or medical condition?

    Please let the teacher know of any injuries or medical conditions before the class starts. This is super important as it helps us know how to assist you, give you modifications and keep you safe. We, and our teachers, reserve the right to ask you not to participate in a class if we feel that it would be inappropriate because of an injury or medical condition.

    Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

  11. Do you have showers and changing rooms?

    We do!

  12. Can I just rock up to a class?

    Please book ahead to secure your space in class, you can do this via MINDBODY.

    We also ask you arrive no earlier then 10 minutes prior to the start time to avoid any unnecessary hustling and bustling when class starts, or any long waits outside! Reception will not be open any earlier.

    We operate a 3-hour late cancellation policy, and a strict no late-comers policy. We know it’s boring stuff, but worth taking a peek at our terms and conditions.

  13. Do you offer private sessions?

    Yes, we offer one-to-one classes with all Stretch teachers. Prices start from £60, get in touch for more details.

  14. Do you offer corporate classes?

    Yes, corporate classes are available with some of the Stretch team. Prices start from £80 per class, get in touch for more info.

  15. What is your privacy policy and what are your T&Cs?

    Fancy a little bedtime reading? Here’s our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  16. What’s your cancellation policy?

    Don’t worry, as long as you cancelled in accordance to our 12-hour cancellation policy, your credit will be added back to your Stretch account for you to use at a later date. But please note, we do not offer refunds.

    If you’ve got an ongoing membership and you don’t show up to a booked class, fail to cancel within the 12-hour cancellation period, or arrive late to a booked class, you’ll incur a £10 charge on your next visit. This charge will be donated to Help Refugees.

  17. I’m waitlisted – what does that mean exactly?

    You can join a waitlist once you’ve purchased a drop-in or membership. If a space becomes free and you’re added from the waitlist to the class, you’ll get an email (but don’t be shy if you want to give us a ring, too).

    If you’re added to the class but can no longer make it, no sweat. We’ll cancel you out and your class credit will remain on your MINDBODY account.

  18. I’ve bought a membership. Anything I need to know?

    Your membership (this includes 10-day, 10-class and 1–12 month memberships) will start from the first class you book, not from the purchase date.

    If you book a class next Monday to start your membership, then decide you want come before that class, we can’t back-date your membership start date. So choose wisely, people.

  19. I'm attending a Sound Bath, what do I need to know?

    Please bring extra layers and warm socks as body temperatures drop during the deep meditative states you will be experiencing.

    Sound Baths are not recommended for anyone suffering from epilepsy or carrying a pace maker.

    If you are pregnant in the first trimester please consult with your GP before booking.